Thursday, 23 May 2013

Colorful Cayman Island Life


I've just got back from a very beautiful island called Grand Cayman, I'd never heard anything about Cayman until my lifelong friend Hannah moved out there to work with her friend Tilly.
I wont ramble on too much and I've included a few pictures of this lovely place.
This island is tiny but it really has so much to offer from parties to sea life , water-sports to fine dining.
We pretty much did everything all though I didn't include the bioluminescence kayaking because it was at night time and in the sea, but it was fascinating how the water glows, sparkles and trickles down your arms like 'alien blood' as they call it! 
Most of all it was great being with my best girls ... we were always laughing, getting walked in on while on the toilet and nursing dodgy hangovers while swimming with turtles.. and the list goes on! 
Anyway enjoy the pictures, I think they speak for themselves!


 Ussain Bolt running his signature 100m sprint

 Shrimp and mahi tacos

 Lilly Pulitzer

 All alcohol is served on the rocks!

 Turtle farm

 Partying on the beach at Calico jacks 

 West Bay

Shopping in Camana Bay

The Ritz Carlton Spa


Stingray City


Monday, 6 May 2013

Just a couple

So I'm going on holiday tomorrow and I don't think I've ever brought as many clothes as I have for this trip! I think its also to do with the British weather improving.. we're all much cheerier and fancy a bit more colour in our lives!
I haven't provided many pics because all those clothes on the bed still have their crisp tags and are being saved to be worn when in Cayman! So this is a mini beauty-acs-clothes post just to keep things interesting and so i don't bore you all with a post on each me there are many! I think thats why I've been absent lately because there has been just so much going on and I've been experimenting with too many new nail polishes.. embroidered kimonos and chasing that extremely hard to get White croc Whistles clutch bag!
Please stay tuned because its all to come when I get back:)

1- Illamasqua Eggshell nil polish  2-Jessica neon purple nail varnish, Jo Malone Lemon Tart limited edition and Chunky elephant necklace by Topshop  3-the holiday haul.. stay tuned  4-in love with yellow this summer..I'm blonde and pale but this seasons shades of lime yellow seem to suit me well  5- chunky silver threaded Topshop necklace

What are your favourite looks and colours of the summer?

Love c x

Hoxton love

  So I had a very interesting little trip to London a few weeks back and stayed in the Shoreditch area. My lovely friend treated me to a night at The Hoxton Hotel. This has got to be the coolest hotel I've ever stayed at, from its old fashioned photobooth to the brown paper bags filled with breakfast you receive outside your door the next morning. Hoxton has 'concept rooms' which there are only a few and its the luck of the draw if you get one and at no extra cost. And yipee,  we got one with a few belated birthday balloons and a cute message too!

We met one of our friends who lives in London and went to the Veit Grill, I've never eaten Vietnamese cuisine before so took a stab in the dark on what to have and I will definitely be eating at this place again! 
There are so many quirky, relaxed bars in Shoreditch and we stumbled across a live jazz night at a bar called Floripa. Everyone was dancing to the jazz beats and getting into the groove, while I watched sipping on Floripas fabulously made brazilian cocktails. mm!!!

If you like your breakfast or even like doing your breakfast big, you must go to The breakfast club, there are four breakfast clubs in London, all individually furnished to old diner style with an industrial feel . I went for the american style pancakes and they definitely kept me going for the rest of the day.

I love visiting London and every time I go I always try to find and explore somewhere new! I have fallen for Shoreditch now and will probably make this my base everytime I come because there were so many more places I wanted to visit! However if you have any recommendations on little gems like these I would love to hear all about it!